Why joining the Association Gezond Denken & Doen?

Increasingly the question arises: “How can NLP be used for health, wellness and vitality?”

The Association Gezond Denken & Doen is the answer. Our goal is to collect and share knowledge related to NLP, Health, Well-being and Vitality. We are a Knowledge Centre where you are trained by leading (inter)national trainers at minimal cost. We hope and expect that this initiative will make you happy and that you will be glad to be part of our Association.

What kind of activities do we organise?
  • We organize three refresher courses a year, by international well known or Dutch trainers.
  • There are lectures by and for members.
  • We have workshops given by and for members.
  • Protected Facebookgroup for members only.
  • Online library with event documentation from every training.
  • Once a year we have a general meeting.
  • Coordination & organisation peer groups.
Do you want to join?

Register your own account on the website. You will be able to buy your ticket after approval by the association Gezond Denken & Doen.
To be able to organise these events, your investment is  € 90, – yearly. If you become a member after the first of July you will receive a discount of  50% . We aim to break-even in financing the events. We finance the events mostly by the membership investment. There are  additional costs for participating events & workshops. The membership is open for everybody who has a NLP Master Certification en has special interest in Health, Well-being and Vitality.


  • nominated by two members of the Association Gezond Denken & Doen, or
  • participated at NLP Health Certification Training

Most of our members have more certificates (like NLP HCT, NLP Trainercertificate, Hypnoses, Systemic Work, Provocative Coaching, TA, EFT, MoM, etc.). We prefer more certificates, but it isn’t required.

Do you want to join as a member of the Association Gezond Denken & Doen?

You are welcome to join us! We are happy to welcome new, former members and guests who are interested in the field of NLP & Health. We like sharing knowledge, expand our skills in the field of NLP & Health, and have ofcourse a good time with eachother.

If you want to register, you have the choice of becoming a regular member, old member or guest member.

Would you like to join as a new member? You are welcome if you fit in to the participationcriteria.

Are you curious what we are doing? Are you interested in the field of NLP & Health? Are you a coach, therapist, manager, or other professional who works in the field of human or health care? Stay in contact with us! As a guest of the Association you are allowed to join 1 of the events. Just for having a look and feel of our Association and our members. So you can decide if you like our Association and our members and if you want to join. You are welcome!