Why become a member of the Healthy Thinking & Doing Association?

More and more often you hear the question: “How can we use NLP for Health, Welfare and Vitality?”
The Healthy Thinking & Doing Association is the answer. Our goal is to collect and share knowledge about NLP, Health, Welfare & Vitality. We are a knowledge center where you can receive training from leading international trainers at cost price. Does that make you happy just like us? Then we think it’s great if you also become a member of our association.

What activities do we organize?
  • we organize 2 training sessions each year with leading international trainers
  • we organize lectures for and by members
  • we organize workshops for and by members
  • we organize intervention groups with sufficient interest
  • online library with the event documentation
  • Private Facebook page for members only
Do you want to become a member?

Then create your own account. That is possible below. It gives you access to more information such as the event documentation. .
Your investment is € 90 per year. If you become a member after July 1 you will receive a reduction of 50%.
We ensure that we break even every year. We largely pay for activities from the contribution. In addition, additional costs for attending the workshops, lectures and training sessions.

You can become a member if you have an NLP Master Certificate and are interested in Health, Welfare & Vitality and

  • you are introduced by 2 members of the association or
  • you have successfully completed your NLP Health Certification Training

Most members have more related certificates (such as NLP HCT, NLP Trainer certificate, hypnosis, systemic work, provocative coaching, TA, EFT, etc). This is desirable, but not mandatory.

Do you want to register yourself as a member of Healthy Thinking & Doing?

Nice that you want to join us! We are always happy with new or former members, introductions or guests who are interested in the broad field of NLP, Health, Welfare & Vitality.
We like to share knowledge, broaden our NLP skills and related areas with a link to everything that has to do with health. And of course it is also a nice association and we have a lot of fun together!

If you want to register, you have to make a choice between a regular member, former member or guest.

You can become a member as a new member if you fit within the selection criteria.

Are you curious about what we do? Are you interested in the broad field of NLP & Health? Are you a coach, therapist, manager, or another professional who works in the field of people or healthcare? Do you (almost) have an NLP Master or special interest in the broad field of Health? Then stay in touch with us! As a guest or introduction you may participate once in a training or event. So you can have a look around and taste the atmosphere during training. You can meet our members! This way you determine whether the association suits you and whether you want to become a member. An introduction price is set for each training (see the events). A member can introduce you.