Vivian Broughton taught us during these inspiring 2 days the Identity Orientated Trauma Therapy. The group experienced two very interesting and sometimes emotional but healing days.


Bob Burn’s 2-day training “The Swan”

A special training weekend with Bob Burns. Bob taught us the Swan and his applications and all of that with a good dose of humor and mentalist tricks.


Stephen Gilligan’s 2-day training “Generative Trance”

Generative trance work, a way to deeply awaken creativity—in reaching goals, transforming problems, being “in love” with your life, and opening the imagination.


Wilbert Molenaar’s 2-day training “mBraining”

We learned how to use our multiple brains (head, heart and gut brain) and the process of aligning and integrating your multiple brains for specific outcomes.


Hanneke van der Voort’s 2-day training “Integral Eye Movement Therapy”

Great training and very suitable to our association. We learned to apply IEMT to emotional and identity imprints, working with trauma, PTSD and 5 patterns of chronicity. And between all this, many gems of insight and clarification.


Practice Day in Vleuten

In the morning we had a fun and educational workshop on NLP and EFT, by Cella van der Staak. In the afternoon we practiced and experimented with NLP HCT processes, Satir categories and Provocative Change Work.


Practice Day in Zoetermeer
The day started with a workshop of Marjan Oosterbaan with usefull background information and exercises for using ones voice and breath congruently. Valuable knowledge for coaches and trainers. In the afternoon, we watched a PCW session and explanation of Nick Kemp on DVD. We practiced the stances in small groups.


Nick Kemp’s 2-day training “Provocative Change Work”
What a magnificent training weekend PWC level 1. Demonstrations, stances, hypnosis, voice tempo excercise, arm elevation excercise, confusion, laughter…


practice_day_201608_1  practice_day_201608_2
Practice Day in Amerstol
Marga made use of the opportunity to trial run her new workshop. We talked about the Virginia Satir categories (training Romina Schell) and about the Metaphors of Movement training by Andrew Austin. And, very interesting, Bert told us about German New Medicine.


Romina Schell 2-day training “The Magic of Virginia Satir”
For the founders of NLP John Grinder and Richard Bandler, Virginia Satir was an important role model. Bandler and Grinder observed and discovered patterns Virginia Satir used in her work as a family therapist for effective methods enabling change, strengthening self-esteem and congruent behavior. This knowledge is now available for NLP practitioners.



Practice Day in Breda
For all participants who completed the Andrew Austins training and wanted to work with MoM. We shared experiences, discussed metaphors, practiced idioms and structure. This provided for a number of our beautiful insights. There was also room a New Code intervention.


Andrew Austin 4-day training “Metaphors of Movement” level 1 and 2

With the Metaphors of Movement models, we not only learned how to uncover metaphors, but also how to engage them at a physiological and neurological level — a completely new approach to overcoming stuck states and creating effective movement towards personal goals.


Practice Day in Amersfoort
Working with parts according to BML (Body & Mind Language) in a dilemma, the Kite theory of Cathelijne Wildervanck, the allergy process and a constellation. Amazing how much you can do on such a day…


img_4620_bewerkt img_4635_bewerkt

Cathelijne Wildervanck workshop “ADHD/ADD, burn out and depression”
Cathelijne Wildervanck is known for her ability to look at ‘problems’ from another angle than to regular medicine and psychiatry. Cathelijne sees our own body and mind as the greatest resource in dealing with ADHD and depression.


img_4388v2 img_4387

Stephan Hausner 2,5 day training in “Health Constellations”
Stephan Hausner introduced us to his valuable and impresssive work and demonstrated this by working with health issues of some of the members attending the training. Stephan, like Bert Hellinger, is an authority in the field of system constellations and diseases. He has over 20 years of experience in this field. He relies on the principle that all healing is self-healing, and he works towards creating an environment for self-healing to happen.

31-10 / 01-11-2014

img_4203 img_4209

Jos Dolstra 2-day introductory training “Body & Mind Language”
We learned to see and work with the body as a tool (posture, movement and expression). A way to bring the client into contact with their unconscious blocked parts and with the deeper emotional layers beneath their feelings.


img_4169 img_4148

The first GD&D Practice Day
Lots of practice, beautiful weather, beautiful location, delicious lunch. It was a great success!


General Meeting
With an informal constellation and Inspiration Board, as means of sharing and interaction.


rvp_2014_05_25_8952 img_0538

Robert McDonald (and Henk de Vos) 2-day training “The End of Modern Disease”
We learned interventions like ‘Healing Yes – Healing No’ and the ‘Releasing Emotional Enmeshment Process’.


Karin Hogenboom workshop “Eyes, mirrors of the Soul”
Karin told us about our eyes and her belief that we all can see clearly without glasses or contact lenses. She shared her personal experiences, insights and other supporting lifestyle suggestions. For example: the effect of food to keep your eyes healthy and your sight clear. And we did some practical exercises that relaxes the eye muscles and improved our eyesight instantly!


Rob Steenbergh workshop “New Code NLP”
This works with intentions, the utilisation of the unconsious and focuses on changing states. Within New Code NLP these changes are created by means of specially developed games impacting and changing our breathing and physiology. The effect of these games have is that people experience a more resourceful state. By repetition this is anchored in the neurology so that the resourceful state automatically triggered in situations when needed.



Jerome Stoel workshop “Heartfulness”
Making the connection between NLP and Mindfulness and giving us a powerful tool to work with anger, grief, graving, hatred, delusion, etc., Jerome: “I’ve found out that the main components of Buddhism are Mindfulness, Loving Kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity. In one word these qualities can be labeled as Heartfulness.



Michael Grinder 2-day training “Dealing with Resistance”
This was the first time Michael trained in the Netherlands. He inspire us all!! He taught us about non-verbal intelligence, group dynamics, points of communication, frozen hand gestures, the professional development model etc.


Tim & Kris Hallbom 2-day training “Dynamic Spin Release”
A revolutionary approach consisting of several techniques and processes that allows users to release their negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs and physical pain in as little as ten minutes.