Event documentation: Andrew Austin – Metaphors of Movement

Date, Location

  • Date: Friday 16 October 2015 untill Monday 19 October 2015
  • Location: Zzamen, Roeleveenseweg 15, Zoetermeer


Experiences of our members with the work of Andrew

Saskia Romeijn -Hofte
Ron asked me to write about my experience with Metaphors of Movement by Andrew Austin. Immediately after the training last October I wrote (Facebook):
“I just returned from Andrew Austin’s 4-day training Metaphors of Movement. Completely different than… everything else. And I mean tótally different! A very refined tool it is, and it has been a great joy to see the master at work. For some years now I’m following what Andrew is developing in the field of change work. Because it is incredibly effective, precise and well-grounded, say simply brilliant. And fun! Thank you so much Andrew!”

I thought I knew about working with metaphors (yes I’d gotten into clean language), but MoM opened up a whole new world for me!

While a lot of NLP-techniques (also clean language) tend to work outcome-oriented in the first place, MoM works with a metaphor for the problem-state and with the inadequate coping-behaviour.

MoM’s unconventional approach makes the client truly feel the reality of the situation, no more escape, there’s no more room for denial. Both an enormous readiness to change and the awareness of own responsibilty are the result. The ultimate starting point for the proces of exploring and discovering, resulting in different, adequate coping-behaviour. All this through carefully crafted steps.

There are different types of metaphors. Every type has unique characteristics. Getting to know these gives you lots of information, makes you as coach/therapist even more aware of certain aspects of the situation than the client can possibly be. The client will easily feel understood and acknowledged. The solutions that this method generates are often surprising, refreshing and very practical since it’s all about behavioral change.

Now, six months after the training, I can tell you that I use MoM regularly, and with success. I have a completely new and very effective tool in my toolbox, a very practical no-nonsense approach that really works!

Paula Sprenkels-Bontje
A workshop by Andrew Austin? What’s that like?
That’s like a field full of dandelions all around me, 360 degrees.
Wow, there are a lot of dandelions. And there’s a lot of green.
My feet are firmly on the ground.
I can choose and move in every direction I like.
No, wait, this is interesting…..there’s a clear road ahead of me.
It’s a straight road. There are people on both sides of the road. I see happy faces.
It’s great to walk that road.

Is this crystal clear to you? Or is this clear as mud to you? Good, anyway!
Just meet the master of confusion.
The man who tells you to skip rapport, to skip outcome and to sit down next to the skeleton on his couch.

And you know what?
I think I am going to see that man again!”

Rob Steenbergh
I have attended Andrew Austin’s (advanced) practitioner IEMT and then Metaphors of Movement Part I (only 2 days).
My experience with Andrew Austin is that he is one of the greatest developers of this time. There are those who say that he is just such a genius as Richard Bandler in his early days. Andrew is someone who deviates from the beaten track and discovers new effective ways to guide people from A to B. Andrew is very inspiring, functional confrontational and insanely creative. He achieves amazing results with people who do not get any further with other therapists and coaches. What I also appreciate about him is that not everything he touches turns immediately into gold, and he shows that of himself. He’s someone who really integrated ‘there is no failure, only feedback’. In MoM he uses metaphors from the students themselves. It is fascinating how he based on a metaphor can appoint a variety of embedded patterns where someone is fixed in, and create movement so that the student can achieve his goals.
The training is a gift for yourself and a very valuable piece of new tooling to improve your effectiveness as a coach.”





  • Metaphors of Movement
    The latest development in neurolinguistics that is rapidly gaining international acclaim.
  • Metaphors in my Attic
    All the material from Level 1 training in Metaphors of Movement (first 2 days) in a video based online program.


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