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Rob Kamps: Supercalibration

Calibration: the art of connecting behaviour, internal experience and finding out the meaning of it.

The basic skill of NLP has grown up. A full-fledged scientific field that you can learn to use. Give your NLP skills of observing behavior, naming it, calibrate and predict it under the direction of Rob Kamps a boost. Make the journey of discovery in the renewed world of non-verbal observation and supercalibration.

The training wil be held at De Poort, Biesseltsebaan 34, 6561 KC Groesbeek.

Prices: members €185, guests €275

Only a limited number of places available!

Wassili Zafiris: Working with identity issues in depression and self-image issues

In February 2019 Wassili Zafiris was already at Healthy Thinking and Doing. Now he is going to tell us a lot about it. Working with identity issues in depression and self-image issues.

Advanced techniques in working with the Self and the place of the Self in the matrix of the personality.

Identity applications and interventions in self-image transformations in depression (and other self-image issues)

Who am I? The answer to this question is our greatest goal at the level of identity. What is our Self (image)? How is our self-image built? How do you communicate with your dark sides, your “shadow”? What is the function of those sides of yourself that you don’t like or don’t like? How do you develop self-esteem? Self confidence? Self-acceptance? Do you know who you are or especially who you are not? Do you compare yourself with others? Are you good enough or not? Do you need a lot of confirmation? Do you depend on others to feel good? Did you get hit too quickly? What is the “real conversation” and how do you conduct it?

Are you curious about the latest developments in how our identity is formed and how you change a negative self-image? Do you want to learn how to recognize identity problems and how to expose and transform them with the latest techniques? Do you want to learn how our “shadow side” is created and what its value is? Then join this training and bring the darkness into the light …

We all have an identity and for most of us that is a (fixed) fact. “That’s just the way I am,” is a commonly heard statement. “That’s just the way I am,” is a commonly heard statement. But is that really so? Can our self-image change and if so how does that work? Most of us know that a positive self-image is very important to feel valuable and to feel that you are “OK” the way you are. How is it possible that some people feel worthless, not beautiful enough, not smart enough, not nice enough? Learning to work with identity is often radical. Why? How you see yourself determines what kind of people you gather around you, how lonely or social you are, whether you feel “part of it or not”. Your self-image also has a major influence on the degree of success that you have in life and what kind of attitude you form. In short, your self-image influences your life. The problem? Your self-image usually sends you unconsciously …

Do you want to examine your own self-image and learn how you can influence it? Do you want to learn to apply effective interventions to update “it yourself”? Do you want to increase your effectiveness as a coach or therapist?

Join this new inspiring workshop to learn to work in depth with identity issues, applied to depression and other self-image issues.

A unique training with new techniques from Wassili Zafiris.


When: November 14 and 15, 2020

Where: Samaya Werkhoven

Investment: € 185 for members and € 275 for guests

14 entries available

Monica Wagner: Music therapeutic interventions

The workshop of Monica Wagner will be just in Dutch. Sorry.

The workshop of Monica Wagner will be just in Dutch. This will be held atConferentiecentrum Samaya in Werkhoven.
Adres: Hollendewagenweg 20, 3985 SG Werkhoven (prov. Utrecht).

ATTENTION: This training will not be held on june 2020 but instead on, 30 january 2021.

Limited number of places available.

Investment: € 75 for members and a € 115 for guests

13 entries available