Upcoming Event: 2-day training “Constellations on disease and health”

We are happy to welcome Stephan Hausner for the second time in our Association on 27 and 28 October 2018 . Stephan Hausner is THE international specialist in systemic work in the field of disease & health. He wrote the book “Even if it costs me my life, systemic constellations with diseases and serious symptoms”.

During these two days, Stephan shows numerous constellations how chronic illnesses and physical and mental symptoms can relate to hidden dynamics in families. Often the client is not aware of these connections. Constellations are a method to bring these connections to light, after which the client in many cases find relief in dealing with the disease or even improvements occur or sometimes completely disappear. Stephan works these 2 days with health issues from the participants in the room.

Language: English

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Who is “Gezond Denken & Doen”?

Our Association consists of a variety of almost 100 members who are united by the fundamental presuppositions of NLP, with a special interest in Health, Well-being & Vitality.

We like to make the difference in the available opportunities that people have, in order to influence their health in a positive way.

All our members are professionals who likes to develop their skills, insights and knowledge in the field of NLP & Health. We like to share this knowledge and coach people to improve their health and well-being.

We aim to master and control the NLP tools, especially the tools that mobilize the self-healing power of the human body.

Apart from that we want to have lots of fun with each other and of course we want to be charged with positive energy.

We organise 3 times a year (international) trainings & events in the wide range of NLP & Health.

Most of the times it is in a location in the beautifull nature and surroundings of Groesbeek. But also in other parts of the Netherlands.

We also arrange 3 times a year practicedays to get the new skills in the muscle and share specific specialistic knowledge with other members.

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