Target Group
People in psychotherapeutic and related trauma-professions interested in experiencing and gaining a deeper understanding and of the conceptual and methodological approach of NARM.

Introducing NARM
The NeuroAffective Relational Model for Working with Complex Trauma
The NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) is an effective developmentally oriented psychotherapeutic approach for addressing adverse and stressful childhood experiences (developmental trauma, K-PTBS) and their long-term effects.

This workshop provides an overview and introduces participants to the basic concepts of NARM’s theoretical and clinical approach.
NARM combines psychodynamic and somatic approaches to the treatment of developmental trauma. With an inherent understanding of the functional unity of biological and psychological development inherent in both concept and methodology, NARM works with early patterns of disconnection that deeply influence our identity, emotions, physiology, relationships, and behavior.

The approach is resource-oriented, non-regressive, non-cathartic and non-pathologizing. Therapeutic support focuses on the interplay of various aspects of identity and the capacity for connection and regulation.

Topics include
• Overview of the theoretical and clinical approach to the treatment of developmental trauma,
• The reciprocal relationship of nervous system dysregulation and identity distortions.
• The five organizing themes in NARM and their significance from a developmental psychological point of view.
• The emergence and function of the five basic adaptive strategies, the resulting identity distortions, and its implications in adult life.
• Working in present time, the importance of dual awareness and somatic mindfulness.
• The four pillars of process work.
• The NARM healing cycle and top-down and bottom-up integration.
• Demonstration of the approach.
• Orientation: the NARM training.

Dates                        4 – 5 May 2024
Location                   Conference centre de Poort in Groesbeek

Tuition members  € 199,00
Tuition guests        € 299,00

Class time daily     10.00 – 17.00 hours
Language                 English

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Michael Mokrus
Private practice since 1989. Teacher and supervisor for various mindfulness-based somatic, psycho- and trauma-therapeutic approaches for people in educational and therapeutic professions in Germany and other European countries.
Since 2003 in the supervision team of Somatic Experiencing (SE), since 2012 member of the faculty of NARM (NeuroAffective Relational Model).
Personal experience for many years practicing different approaches to mindfulness.

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