2-day training “Constellations on disease and health”

We are happy to welcome Stephan Hausner for the second time in our Association. Stephan Hausner is THE international specialist in systemic work in the field of disease & health. He wrote the book “Even if it costs me my life, systemic constellations with diseases and serious symptoms”. During these two days, Stephan shows numerous constellations how chronic illnesses and physical and mental symptoms can relate to hidden dynamics in families. Often the client is not aware of these connections. Constellations are a method to bring these connections to light, after which the client in many cases find relief in dealing with the disease or even improvements occur or sometimes completely disappear. Stephan works these 2 days with health issues from the participants in the room.

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Stephan has developed a completely unique way of leading constellations. He experiences where the problems, the questions and the constellation resonate in the client’s body. That is his most important source of information. Not the setup. Stephan: “We have no idea what we are doing, we can only rely on the client’s body. What happens there, how does it respond to the setup process. The setup is just like the iceberg. We see only 3% and the constellater determines what can be seen”.

That is also the reason why he can just stop an constellation because it does not work with the client’s body. And that is leading for him. He thinks that many constellators become obsessed with the constellation. That is according to Stephan a beautiful illusion, but not the reality that the body of the client shows. Even a constellation can maintain a symptom or family pattern.

He shows with his constellaion how the symptoms of illness are related to the family system. Often there are symptoms for excluded members or events in the family history. Diseases reveal themselves with significant changes in life situations (adolescence, engagement, marriage, 1st child, divorce). These are all steps to leave the family of origin.

The symptoms are sometimes gone in the setup, but not in real life. Often there is a personal step from the client needed to integrate. According to Stephan, the withdrawal of the symptom is not related to the knowledge about the family history, but it is more about the openness, attitude of the clients and allowing, the surrender to let the information enter the body. The phasing that Stephan uses: reconnection with the disease, recognition / appreciation of the disease and origin gives integration in the body and then transformation. His central question during guidance is: what does the client need, to be a container of his family background without being identified with it.

Practical information

  • Date: 27th and 28th of October 2018
  • Location: Conferentieoord de Poort, Biesseltsebaan 34, Groesbeek
  • Time: 09:30h – 17:00h
  • Language: English
  • Price for members: € 230
  • Price for guests: € 335
  • Participants criteria: NLP Master Practitioner